Global Storm Element Lyrics

The era of man has reached the point from where there is no further reason to sustain its existence. The history that remains can mainly be seen as a long trail marked by blood. Some questions that remained unanswered have always been suffering under everlasting religious intolerance. In fact mankind didn't become any closer to the truth at all... and that's a lesson to be learned since creation.


Intrigued by the persistence of nature and the presence of sin. The elements persuaded to means to an end.

"I see the universe. I see the planets. I see the foreshadowing between every... It's all there. I see it, and you don't, and I have a surprise for you. I have something to tell you about the future."

Like a pompous reactor a breed will distinguish. Fear creationism, drenched in blood.

Eradicate humanity as life ends and leaves a breath of silence. Determine this world by reason according to the end of man.

Time forsaken, will anybody remember the footmark of mankind? Where the sequence without any question will start.


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