Don't Breathe The Air Lyrics

What is that
I don't want that
Don't you know who I am
You better check my ego
I'm tryna tell you man
Actually you need l to just get out from around me
Just go that way somewhere


The world is fine
It's so clear(so clear)
Jump into paradise right here(jump)
It's alright(it's aight)
Have no fear(just don't)
Don't breathe the air
The bright lights
The dark skies the nightlife(nightlife)
We all fly(I'm fly)
It's alright (yeah)
Have no fear(just don't)
Don't breathe the air

Contamination is a flavor, We taste makers with fake aprons, Cravoli and Versace to linen got us sedated, and superstar shi* going down round here man, if you don't got the paper you can clown round here, it's a mirage stars, cool cars at the garage, attract models to follow and got them doing minors, paradise, but you ain't ever got to stare at life, repelling for them half-not Ni**as like they a parasite, the limelight rises in the east and it sets in the west, we chasing like to kill for death, no religion cuz who needs god inside the disco, pop, lock, and dropping, it's gospel to the window, to the wall, we gon all get involved, bartender get me two more drinks, last call, and damn baby girl that a*s is fine, we should burn in hell together by the end of the night, in paradise


We VIP, the rest of yall be YOB, while tmz is filming must see TV, and cdr be selling at the cd store, we rock ice, f**k em lil CC's dog we know them tittie dancers by their real names and shi*, make it rain on em, and then we go and bang that bi**h, it's dangerous, but we can never catch no AIDS, we to fly, it's pussy...
Tell the DJ to bring it back, and while he working on that, I'm ready for a brand new track, that sounds just like the one they just played, cuz changes the only thing that makes us feel afraid (yeah) good living, heart beat to the rhythm, but this the only place where the victims are in the prison, but we can never understand that it's raining thoughts, the music's too loud, and live we lost,
In paradise

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