The Mix, Volume 1
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Disc 1
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 The Mix Intro
2 The Hardest Heart The Hardest Heart (Übersetzung)
The Hardest Heart
3 Circa-Forever (Iberia's Mainroom mix)
4 Home & Dry (Blank and Jones remix)
5 Freeloader
6 Catch (Ferry Corsten vocal remix)
7 Moonshine (Syphony of Strings remix)
8 Time & Time Again (Megara vs. DJ Lee remix)
9 Love Is an Ocean (Silverblue remix)
10 Crazy Sexy Marvellous (Hennes and Cold remix)
11 Cry for Love (Deserted instrumental mix)
12 Watching the Waves (G and M Project remix)
13 We Know What You Did...
15 The Situation
16 Follow the Sun (Silverblue dub remix)
17 Human Evolution (club mix)
18 U Shine On
19 Fusion (Hiver and Hammer remix)
21 Oldschool Baby (short cut) Oldschool Baby (short cut)
Disc 2
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 Sweet Surrender (DJ Tiësto mix)
2 No More Tears
3 Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto mix)
4 Dreaming of You (original dub)
5 Summer Calling (Gabriel & Dresden remix) Summer Calling (Gabriel & Dresden remix)
6 Autumn (TPOD mix)
7 Getting Away With It (The Thrillseekers dub remix)
8 Time Is the Healer
10 After Love
11 Wan Wu
12 Things Thant Matter
14 Emotion
15 Dreams
16 Don't Think It
17 East & Central
18 I'm Alone

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