Napoleon Solo Lyrics

Cut and paste
Were you sitting down
On the beaded impotence of new orleans
A hint of suspense when that telephone rings
This is forever

It paved a wave of distance
Between the syntax error
From austin's yellow brick road
This is forever

From this texas breath exhaled
No sign of relief
This you know, this you know
This is forever

March 23rd hushed the wind, the music died
If you can't get the best of us now
It's because this is forever

Makes no difference
Our alphabet is missing letters
Seventeen, embalmed and caskets
Lowered into the weather
A drizzle, brisk and profound

From this texas breath exhaled
No sign of relief
This is forever

Strum this broken harp
We were struck by the chords
Set from their hearts
This is forever

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19. Januar, 00:02 Uhr
von phlaf

mein abolutes at the drive-in - lieblingslied

absolut geil!

25. Juli, 13:13 Uhr
von blub

hardcore ist nicht gleich emo auch nicht straight edge hardcore

aber der song ist cool

19. April, 17:59 Uhr