Gunz N Butter (feat. Juicy J) Lyrics

Swingin' by the tires leave a third degree
And I heard theres bouncin' niggas hatin' wanna murder me
They gon' have to take me straight to Satan cause' I'm blessin' thisI fell distressed I feel no stress
I built this trust
They all gon' murder me

Mama warned me pop was on me
Acid shorty (shut the fuck up)
Get get gettin' guap before when I was fourteen Glock was forty
Bounce your jaw for plottin' on me
Hot bolognese grits with
Problems copper hoppin' on me
Cheese from government-ment (what that mean?)
Prada on me choppers on me crock on Maury kicks kicks (word)

God was for me locks was on me
Blew up ever since then (okay okay)
Grew up ever since then
Screwed up ever since then
Do-ups up ever since then
(Kill 'em Flacko)
Nah big homie
Drop a diamond
Money outta pocket homie (money outta pocket)

All these niggas pockets homie
Chopper let 'em live
I was only six when I crept up in the
Crip found it sick what I did what I did (Oh!)
Cock it homie
Now its in my pocket homie
R-Rock it homie
Dare you nigga t-try try me homie
For the love of spread
I'mma butter bread
Man I prolly should be dead
Was it 'cause of what I said?
What I

Thezy,, FN, Ruger, draco
Euros, pounds and dollars, peso
Money, hoes and power, draco
I was riflin', shotgunnin', draco

Now can't a nigga see I ain't got no time for games
I'm on this Hennessey and I'm quick to shoot dat thang
But fuck that one of my young niggas 'ill take tha charge
I'm stackin' loot muthafuck lookin' behind some bars

Rocky Rocky
Hold on one second bro
Ha Rocky, it's Hector bro
Rocky this is Hector bro
We gotta hold on one second bro
Theres an issue goin' on back here

Rambo was a cathy
And mama was a christian
My papa turned to muslim when he
Spent some time in prison (no cappin')
No Jehova's witnesses but I'm from kinda different
They don't leave no witnesses so folks just mind they business
These days I just practice all the good from all religion
So plead the fifth amendment or you're gonna be the victim

So get up off my YKK
The president a a-hole (Fuck off)
Prayin' for a JFK
All we got was KKK
AKA AK that you target not from Target but from Walmart
Then it's a-ok
Fuck them boys no KY with this SK leave them DOA
AR in the ER its the state of mind of every state
Say your grace you better pray

Guns with the butter
Guns for my brother
Came from the gutter

Cocaine in the buttocks
Raise a box cutter
Play on the guzzler
Paint in the hummer
Skate wit' your mother
The fact of the matter,
She blow out the fizzay
Might keep me some heezay
So I'm gettin' pussy

The fact of the matter,
She blow out the fizzay
Might keep me some heezay
So I'm gettin' pussy
The fact of the matter,
She blow out the fizzay
Might keep me some heezay
So I'm gettin' pussy

What's really butter?
The gun or the putter?
You hear me?
You understand what I'm sayin'?
What's really butter?
What's really butter?
What's really butter?
Guns get that butter all day

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