Lady in Black
Lady in black (4:51)
Free Me
Easy Livin'
July Morning
The Wizard
Come Away Melinda
The Park
Wise Man
Look at Yourself
Come Back to Me
Return to Fantasy
Circle of Hands
Bird of Prey
Been Hurt
A Year or A Day
The Magician's Birthday
Against the Odds
Love Machine
I Wanna Be Free
Sweet Lorraine
Rainbow Demon
Love or Nothing
Time to Live
Cry Freedom
Traveller in Time
Between Two Worlds
Blind Eye
Your Turn to Remember
Spider Woman
The Spell
Flyin' High
Sweet Freedom
High Priestess
Been Away Too Long
The Easy Road
Poor Little Rich Girl
I'll Keep on Trying
The Hanging Tree
Weekend Warriors
Poet's Justice
Born in a Trunk (vocal version)
Perfect Little Heart
Walking in Your Shadow
Night of the Wolf
Something or Nothing
Wake Up (set your sights)
I Won't Mind
Heartless Land
What Should Be Done
Suicidal Man
Think It Over
Only The Young
Son of a Bitch
So Tired
Shadows of Grief
Simon the Bullet Freak
Sundown (out-take)
When the War Is Over
The Shadows and the Wind
Time of Revelation
Lucy Blues
Weep in Silence
Real Turned On
Love in Silence
Who Needs Me
We Got We
Sweet Sugar
Tears in My Eyes
Misstress Of All Time
What's Within My Heart
Universal Wheels
Seven Stars
T-Bird Angel
Kiss of Freedom
Hard Way to Learn
Echoes in the Dark
Magicians Birthday
Shady Lady
Angels Walk With You
Ghost of the Ocean
Light of a Thousand Stars
Heaven's Rain
You Are the Only One
What Kind of God
Nail on the Head
I Can See You
Into the Wild
Money Talk
I'm Ready
Trail of Diamonds
Southern Star