Zombie Autopilot Lyrics

it was last night on the midnight train back home. i ran into this one yet unfamiliar tone i know i should have known it was
last night i knew i should have known. chaos. our busy minds asleep. we drudge across the land is this the coming end of our
monarchy harmless. we meet increased demands. is this the life we all had in our dreams. our eternal nightmare all of us are
blind to others. hide behind our plans to nothing. cage us. we weep in self defeat. all humanity is lost. in this eternal
nightmares. all days are lost to conditioned zones. all days are lost to what we know free us. a piece of mind. gone are dreamers
who strive to know. all of us are blind

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29. August, 17:58 Uhr
von aMn3sTi3

einfahc nur über geil
vor allem das solo

04. Mai, 23:28 Uhr
von Mike

bestes lied von unearth !! for sure.. diese e- gitaarre. omg geilooo