This Time Was Mine Lyrics

Victim - the cards were dealt with less time for me.
Rebel - my only way to avoid your sympathy.
Virtue - spellbinding charm and strength of a hurricane.
Blacksheep - the rebel son that clashed with authority.
Powerless - at least I have tonight.
The roads not long - at least I have tonight.
Bloodline - few will see this through to the end.
Cower - some hide in fear.
Controlled by ignorance.
Eyes Closed - the cruelest site for those dear to me.
Sting - your conscience seared as anguish tears away.
I might not come back tomorrow.
Please know I chose the right path for me.
I've lived, I've died.
I've done it all a thousand times and, I don't regret a thing I've done.
This time was mine to have I've lived and died a thousand times.
Wanderer - I've seen it all like no other man.
I've seen the light of all worlds Father.
I did my best for the lack of my own.
Son - a ragged path, but the love was not unknown.
Brother - the best of times - a forever unyielding bond.
Free - from this disease.
Farewell, I'll miss you all

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