Endless Lyrics

shadows of doubt consume you. the light you barely see. growing wings of sorrow; have brought you to the winds of plague.
increscent boundries fade the way. a barren future all to real. and still i try to seek up and find the flame. and still i try
inside. it's endless. a barren future all to real and still i try inside endless fight. endless tragedy. endless lunacy. chalk up
the past as a memory. this battering sickness has surely won. all i have wasted. will this erase me. all i have wasted. wash
away. all i have i will erease. time to clean my wounds. can i win my own battle inside and out. can i win this battle
inside-outside. endless fight. endless tragedy. endless lunacy

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15. September, 21:30 Uhr
von GodTaoo

this breakdown kills