Devil Has Risen Lyrics

Hell strikes on solid ground.
Give us the strength to hold our home.
Open the wrath again.
Withstood this fight before.
Been told to leave it all.
Go where I do not know.
We will stare down the eyes of fire.
Like stone we battled the winds.
Beat down and strangled the winds.
We stood to fight till the end, but mother has breached our defense, Keep rising.
The devil is rising.
We lost it all.
It only took five days for the man to come for me.
I know our faith is strong and belief is all we need.
It was those lonely nights that tried our hearts.
It was those lonely nights that tore us apart.
And then our faith grew dim.
It was our solemn sin.
Forsaken in the eyes of fire.
We All lost in the eyes of fire.

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