She Burned Me Down Lyrics

She burned me down, down to the ground

Blood - though thicker than water - is harder to clean up
You’ll get it in the end boy if the weapon of choice is love
Expecting it from a stranger or maybe an acquaintance
Never from family or friends though a simple mistake and expense

She burned me down, down to the ground

Pissed and disappointed I prey to learn to forgive
If I can’t find it in my heart then I have no reason to live

Here is an education - the lesson professed is quite cruel
There are some things worse the death and one of them is you

Every time I see her start a fire I get higher

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09. Januar, 19:52 Uhr
von babe28

hamma geiler song....
mein lieblingssong von dem album.. aba das ganze album is der hamma... wer das net hat, hat echt was verpasst...