Timbo King feat. RZA
Wardance Lyrics

Vinny Idol

(Chorus) Timbo
I'm from the blocks so when I call you from a block number
It's gon' be a hot summer, all the minds wonder
See it was written in the numbers from the book of Moses
If you didn't focus, you caught the hocus, pocus
I'm from the plant where they grow and they breed the Seed of Life
Yo let the hammers low, let them see the light
This that wardance, not time for slow jams
Ga'head and dance with the devil, hold hands

[RZA] *over the chorus
Timbo King
RZArectah Wu-Tang
All the chief, all the tribes
Come together as one
See the God
C'mon, Wardance

[Timbo King]
Birth-right, blood type
Senokot, sunlight
Wild boyz from Indians
Issachar and Simeon
Judah tribe, Maccabee
Slap you with the lion's paw
What you lyin' for?
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
Harlots and witchcraft's
Spirits in the wine bottle
Europeans in Brazil yellin' out "obrigado"
Chief peace pipe blowin' out smoke signals
From the reservation all the way to the Ramesses' temple
Is that Dr. York? Akbar, worked in the lumber yard
Wish a wood-chip, slave-ship, Egypt
Face the pillars of the Timbuk
Israel be the father land
Brooklyn to Bethlehem
Herb first medicine, travel the four corners
First born offsprings
Ahmad Khalil Muhammad
Try all the Visa schemes
I got the alabeth Arabic dialect
Follow the silhouette
G-O-D intellect
I had the answers since math class PS-5
So now they got PS-2,3,4 and 5
While 2012 suppose to be the expiration date
The preacher man still handing out collection plates

(Chorus) Timbo

[RZA] *over the chorus
All the tribes come together
I be the RZA from all mighty Wu-Tang Clan
Timbo King, Brooklyn's Finest
Talk to 'em, God!

[Timbo King]
The earthquake in Haiti? Hard project, maybe?
The human babies on the waters of Euphrates
Freedom of death, young Abraham, shalom brothers
Wicked welfare, section-8 controlling mothers
You know the penalties, outside the jurisdiction
Only a few will listen, if not, back to prison
Or Hell[a] Razah, Timbuk King, and the K[illah] Priest
These are the Tabernacle, Emor Leviticus 23
Generations vaccine microchips
You peep the message when Michael said "This is it"
What a coincidence, past tense, present day
Under the Black Moors, Scottish law, EL-BAY
It's the botanical, war like I'm Hannibal
God gave me dominion over animals
Black tall man in the jungle where gorillas be
Beating on my chest like an ape swinging from the tree
A good and evil, sew with the wooden needle
And the words are great Musa free my people
I spit the biblical, lyrical, holy rap
Blow that Indian giver, here to take it back

Chief Bo King

(Chorus) Timbo

Timbo King
Call all the tribes as one
We takin' over

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