Wide Awake Lyrics

I´m sitting here waiting on my own
The clock is ticking and I just don´t know
Where are you going tonight?
I´m thinkingthat you´re out with someone else
I´m thinking that you´re cheating me again
Have I got reasons to doubt?

I won´t put up with all that guilt
You make me feel
I won´t put up with your lies


Been fooling me to long but not no more
Nothing´s going to be like before
´Cause now I´m wide awake
I can tell you that it´s way too late
I´m sick and tired of the games you play
But now I´m wide-awake

I thought you were the one but then you showed
I didn´t mean a thing to you so don´t
come waisting my time
Can´t you see what you´ve done
Can´t you see what we´ve become
I thought we were one

I´ve made my choice and you´ll have to leave
Walk out that door
I don´t need you so just let go


I will see a brighter day
Even though it´s far away
I´m doing ok, after all
I guess you thought I was blind
But knew it wasn´t right
And know it´s in the light

Chorus (2x)

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