Thirsty Man Lyrics

This that Lo-Life shit (that live shit)
Y'knahmean? That double L shit (that nigga)
Thirstin Howl III (Big Vick Lo nigga)
Diss Lo, y'knahmean?
I told y'all motherfuckers, yeah nigga
Double L, for Lo-Life niggaz knahmean?

[Thirstin Howl III]
My killer army, sharp breed, of hounds barking
A hostess like, reserved parking
Prefer me arrest, never heard me confess
(STREET SOLDIER) down and dirty cadets
I lost fights, a lesson learned
Some robberies became, prison terms
(HOW LONG NOW) Estas a quieto, abuela's words
Priests, prayed, to prevent my birth
Welfare religion (everybody love God)
Get your wig checked, blessed 4 packs, extra large
Poverty stricken, Puerto Rican
My big heart and quick fists was all the right equipment

[Chorus: repeat 4X] w/ ad libs

[Thirstin Howl III]
For all y'all niggaz
My pops died at 23
I wish I could say nobody ever died in front of me
Cut school, young age, knife recess gun play
Shack mac recipes, come home from upstate
Chickens like computers, you should always upgrade
With internet access to her fuck face
Drop out, never, hang too close
Only went to class to show off new clothes
Taz lent me his chain, I'm tryin it on
He only let me hold it cause I died with it on
My crib had, no phone, no furniture, no food
But I made sure my sisters the flyest bitches in school


[Thirstin Howl III]
I told y'all motherfuckers
Skillmatic, graphic, talent
(Every master) should still practice
That's the way I was taught, pimping's a sport
That's the way I was taught, no bitch is yours
That's the way I was taught, just don't get caught
That's the way I was taught, a street and jail education
Lo-Life, saga, chapters never ending
The street's like school, niggaz learned to respect me
Baby jail, 16, see the Zeus, born
C74's receivin room
(A TRUE TELLER) shower, unnoticed
Ice pick and shampoo bottle, razor and soap dish


Yeah nigga
That nigga Big Vick Lo, all up in your face
The barbarian, y'knahmean?
Comin at all y'all niggaz, that Lo-Life shit
That NGD shit, that SJP
(What's your name nigga, what's your name?)
Diss Lo nigga, all day every day

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