The Knowing Lyrics

You'll never make me stay, so take your weight off of me.
I know your every move, so won't you please let me be.
I've been here times before but I was too blind to see, that you seduce every man this time you won't seduce me.
She's saying that's okay hey baby do what you please, I have the stuff that you want I am the thing that you need.
She said there's no turning back she took me in her arms.
Dirty diana let me be (oh ho)
She likes the boys in the band she knows when they come to town, every musician's fan after the curtains go down.
She waits at back stage doors for those who have prestige, they promise fortune and fame, a life that's so care free.
She's saying that's okay hey baby do what you want be your night'lovin thing,

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