Close your eyes and make a wish
Wish upon a star
Open your eyes and it's gone

What does it take for us to see eye to eye
Is it too late for the future of mankind
Tomorrow's future driven by old world hate
Is there no end to the pain we cause

The blind will lead
The ignorant will teach
The breasts that feed sow the seed

Superior Inferior Cut the bullshit
Hate not my child it's a war that no one wins

Will it always be where kind sticks to kind
Why do we turn away from the things we don't understand
Will it always be where like sticks to like
Why do we close our heart when someone else needs a helping hand

We stand by while humanity's declining
No respect for fellow mankind
Sometimes I laugh Laugh to keep from crying
The only time we're equal's when we die


They say do unto others
But they only do as we do
They say god said love one another
Then distort their view

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