World on Fire Lyrics

Must have been a beautiful baby
Turned into a hell of a man
And you know you're driving me crazy
In the ways that only you can
And the fortune teller hit on something
But don't you think I already knew

Yeah you're total devastation
Boy you set the world on fire
And for your information
I just want to take you higher
I don't care what you done
If it's right or it's wrong
'Cause tonight you set my world on fire

Catch me 'cause I'm starting to fall now
Inch away from hittin' the ground
Wind me up 'cause you never call me
'Specially when I hear you're in town
But the spark for you still burns so bright
Babe you've gotta hold on me

No matter who you are
No matter what you do
You gotta reach out and make a connection
No matter where you go
No matter where you been
You're gonna need some lovin'

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