Second Time Around Lyrics

Told you once
You should never turn back in time
And you know you'll never turn a wrong into a right
So just keep movin' forward
Don't you let it play with your mind
Take the good with the bad you're lying
Lying to yourself know I'm right
All the signs are there telling you
I speak the truth girl

Nothing I say surprises you
I'm telling you

If he couldn't hold you down
The first time why you doubt
That the second time around
(Anything 'bout to change second time around
Second time, second time, second time around)
So figure it out
Won't nothing turn around the second time around
(Second time, second time, second time around
Second time around the fault is on you)

It's just life
Girl as long as you stay on your grind
You won't have to be the one there crying,
It's a crime
To be living in the past
When you should be like a bird there flying
So high you can touch the sky
Just hold on and enjoy the ride
Know I'm right we both know
I speak the truth girl

All my girls don't you slip
Let it go it's so hard to admit
That you don't know what you gonna get
The second time around
(Second time around the fault is on you)
All my girls we know it
We don't have to be the ones to regret
If we just lift our heads up we can get it right

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