All I Ever Wanted Lyrics

I lie here alone and wonder why
That I come alive, just before I have to hide.

[Pre Chorus]
Because I believe I'm losing my nerve
But could I ever do better than this

Because all I ever wanted was a place to call my home
To shelter me when I am there and to miss me when I'm gone
All I ever wanted was a place to call my own
Where stars may dance and sun still shines and the storms feel free to roam

I listen if only for a while
But I can't decide if I'm aware that I'm on trial

[Pre Chorus]

[2nd Chorus]

If there's a way to a remedy then lead me straight to it
If there's a path or a door I missed , then show me now, show me this


feel free when I am gone

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17. November, 14:25 Uhr
von iCase

Einfach nur episch das Lied !
Ich vergöttere Shinedown einfach für ihre absolut geilen Songs

24. Oktober, 21:13 Uhr
von lisa


29. September, 21:16 Uhr
von basshunter

hi i'm basshunter i like this song and make others songs

:you're basshunter

29. September, 21:14 Uhr
von basshunter

yeahhh ich liebe den song ist voll geilll man besser gets nicht