Un poco de amor Lyrics

Today is one of those days
In which I look towards the sky
Trying to decipher that you are
Once in a while far
And once in a while near
Sometimes coming up
And others coming down, and I,
When you get close to me
Am not responsible for my actions
I feel like, here I go,
From hating you to loving you,
From beginning to end,
Searching for a little bit of love...

There are things in life
That you don't find a way out of
And before your eyes the curtain is drawn
And you plug the mouth of the volcano
That becomes lava that has been
A thousand years here inside, and I,
Knitting hairnets to see if I
Can capture you, and here I go,
Straining off the putty
In the middle of this deadly tropic
Searching for a little bit of love...

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19. Juli, 16:51 Uhr
von Decker

immer doch. Shakira ist pflicht :love