Spotlight Lyrics

Boy meets a girl
Hid behind a wall
Piling up the bricks
Hoping they would fall

Girl meets a boy
Surrenders to his charms
Leaves her old boyfriend
And crumbles in his arms

And if they wanna make me pay now
Then go on
'Cause loving you was never wrong

Here is my life in the spotlight (spotlight, ohooho)
And it's hurting my eyes 'cause it's so bright (so bright, ohooho)
But you are the link I was missing that I couldn't find
And I wouldn't give you up even if I end up blind

Been busy for a while
Laying golden eggs
Some just want your money
Or whatever they can take

But you are your own man
Don't need anyone else
You're here because you want me
And not for what I make

Hey, they better know
And if there is a price to pay now
Game's on
'Cause in the end you know I won


And every camera flash my way
Every word of every page
Well they can say whatever they want to
'Cause what we got is just so real
That they can't change the way I feel
'Cause I would do it all again for you

Chorus (2x)

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