Forgive and forget Lyrics

Love is bigger than one could ever imagine. All I can taste is my dearest’s skin. All I can hear is her voice over and over again. I feel as if light falls from her eyes and all I can feel are her lips to mine. Subtle like a chainsaw. Everything has it’s place, yours is in the past. If there could be forgive and forget, if there could be your heart rather than stone. Time to tear off your wings and throw them by the wayside. Drag you through the mud and repulse yourself. It’s the only way you’ll ever learn. You’ll never step on anyone again. Just try, I’ll break your back. Impudence beyond measure. Horrific at best. These lessons can't compare. The scars bare witness. Your day is done, the bell has tolled it’s final cry. Losing you could not come soon enough. Oh you will move.

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