Psalm of an Unborn Lyrics

[Part 1. Mortal Fear]

Out of deep darkness
I scream to you
Out of secret night
I implore with mortal fear

Lord hear my cry!

Cause you lord
Put the breath in my flesh
But now deadly terror
Lies like ice on me
They break through my mothers body
With implements, they try to catch my live
The burglars are standing
At the strongholds of the body!

Lord hear my cry!

Still I rest inside of who I never see
Still I wait once to see the light of the world...

But now they ripped the net...
Which I've been safety in
My life will only rest...
A few seconds more
Then I will be shreddered...
Into pieces
And be whipped away...
From the land of the living!

I will have no grave
Will be thrown away
Nothing will be left of me
Only the sign of Cain on my brow
And in the hearts of my murderers...

Out of deepest darkness
I screamed to you
Out of secret night
I implore with mortal fear

Lord you heard my cry!

[Part 2. Psalm 51]

Have mercy, with me oh God
According to your unfailing love
According to your great compassion
Boot out: my transgressions!

Wash away all my guilt
Clean me from my sin
Hide yours from my sins
And take away my mistakes
Create in me a clean heart oh God
And renew a steadfast spirit within me...

Do not cast me from thy presence
Nor take thy holy spirit from me
Restore to me the joy of thy salvation
And grant me a willing spirit
A willing spirit to sustain me...

Save me from blood guiltiness
Oh God, your the God who saves me
And my tongue will sing
Of your righteousness...

Don't delight in sacrifice
Nor I would bring it
Don't delight in pleasures
Or burnt offerings
The sacrifice of God
Is a broken spirit
A broken and contrite heart
You my God will not despise...

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