Of Traumatic Memories and Tears Lyrics

Here I am, empty and sad
My withering life, raped by a mood
Here I crouch with my aimless life
That's only a shadow of the past
Here I am, empty and weak
Lost my beliefs, I don't know why
You violated me, my aimless life is
Only a shadow of the past

You oppressed me, you raped me
You take all the love I've felt in life
You ignored me, betrayed me
And now you want to get rid of me

You slave the innocent
Raping (their) souls into unconsciousness
As if I haven't suffered enough
For all the human race
With all my wounds I will dry
Oceans of innocent blood and tears
Taking all of their burdens
The last victim should have been me

Raped by a disease of a human mood
I closed my eyes to handle the pain
And started to drift into a world
Of traumatic memories and tears

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