Victory Lap Lyrics

All night drive from Cafalonia, the sun at our backs
There's change in the cracks from my pocket in the cushion in then benches of the van
Hey Ian, who's this band
You keep playing on the iPod, I nod in out of sleep to the rhythm of the beat
Awaken to laughter and war stories, turn down the radio

I wanna talk about adventure and where we been
New York and SF with DTM
Triple Rock, getting lost, google maps
Home? Remind me why I'm coming back

Swing Ding in Tuscan, I sing along, I don't speak Spanish but I know the song
I need a Red Bull and the Arrivals on
Hey Eric is generic okay? Like the Pine Hill Hantis say we're living on a dollar a day
Talking about Alex's in LBC. Rob got a new name it's not PC

How long will it take? We're on the way
We spent half the night at Flying J
Navajo blankets and novelty hats
Nobody notices nobody pumped gas

We got, we got, we gotta get back
We want, we want a victory lap
Too long, too long, too long in these clothes
Spaghetti please go check if the trailers closed

I sleep, I sleep, I sleep in the back
Tj, Tj, where my money at?
I lose my meds, Fadi lose his phone
Can't stop to piss 'cause we're almost home

Where my cat is
1 3 and 5
The end of all trips
T to the E to the X A S

Please don't let me let myself forget
That we had it good in that moment
That we're G.F.F.G.

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