The Gamblers Try Their Hand at International Diplomacy Lyrics

Atom bombs and foreign tongues.
Hold my breath until I'm blue.
Politics and talking shit,
Wrap it up and give back to you.
I said NO, NO! that ain't right.
I can't sleep tonight,
Stupid things, they have done for sure.
Exasperating..well you gotta know, know, know.
I'm sorry for hashing your buzz.

Lights out, Why are you so sore?
Bed time, like you, I'm poor.
If I say you win, will you go, go go?
You say you will, but do you gotta move so slow?

I'm sorry for hashing your buzz.

I don't get you people. Just leave me alone!
You say that you love me, but you hate my home!
I don't like him either, but he's just a clone!
Your acting like I put him there,
Took him to lunch and then paid, paid to watch you cry.
It's alright CALM DOWN!!!!

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