Tipharelh - The Burning Balance Lyrics

Walking upon the thin line
In search of the astral light,
Travelling between instinct and reason
In search of the sanctum regnum,

Which leads the animal instinct
And battles against reason,
Which she tries to pollute
Through the wealth of her reflections.

Reject the empire of reason
And allow your mind to dwell
Beyond the pool of reflections
To strengthen yourself in the valley of madness,

But beware not to weaken your attentiveness,
Lest you will fall off the cliff of sanity,
For it is a thin line you walk
In search of the sanctum regnum.

But can you resist the seducing forces
While attempting to use them?
Can you get the masses drunk
And resist the alcohol yourself?
Can you control the circle of astral light
Without floating with its tide?
Can you maintain the rite of summoning
With a woolen cloak to protect you?

Then proceed and use the tool of initiation
And let your mind dwell within the reflections
(of the astral light)
And learn to understand the balance of powers,

For nothing is useless or lost.
Every word, action or movement
Can bring you out of balance
And throw you off the cliff,
For it is a thin line you walk
In search of the sanctum regnum.

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