All That's Best in You Lyrics

You've grown so much, You've come so far.
I never thought we'd end up here.
You know I've seen this picture before,Reminds me of when you were home.

Sometimes you're all I see,
Sometimes you're all I feel.

Wanted to tell you Goodbye
And know that you're safe.
Now that the pain is gone,
The love remains.
Though all my thoughts turned out to be so true.
I couldn't see
All that was best in you.
All that was best in you.

Worked so hard, that broke your heart.
Robbed you of your smile that would save the world.
A friend now more for a friend I lost.
A friend that never left me unsure.
I'm sure.

Wanted to tell you I lied.
Oh, I made mistakes.
And when I failed in life,
It was you I blaimed.
Though all my faces you could see right through.
I couldn't see
All that was best in you.

You are my hope, I'm giving in.
You are the ink under my skin.
You are the day that I awake.
You'll be the only chance I'll take.
All I am and lost before.
The things I love and I adore.
My handful of hope and a little more.

Wanted to tell you I tried to make it okay.
With just one letter gone I lost the name
Of that little boy smiling back at you.
He could see
All that was best in you.

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