One Heart Lyrics

One heart,
can make a difference
One choice,
can change it all
One voice,
can travel the distance-
and be heard all around the world.

Would you make a sacrifice,
If you knew that it was right?
Well the answer's there if you look inside.
Will you run and hide?
Will you fight the fight?

Cause there's a power inside you
And there's a battle to be won
And every victory has a beginning
The way it always has begun,
With the power of one.

One day,
you'll realize it.
That one hope,
is all you need.
One dream,
that we can all share.
One dream,
we all believe.

And we'll make that sacrifice.
Just because we know it's right.
And we'll fix the answer that's there inside.
We won't run and hide,
We're gonna fight the fight.


With the power of one.
Yeah Yeah Yeah
We'll look inside
We won't run and hide,
No we'll fight the fight.


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