Spank Thru Lyrics

This song is about
the little light in the trees
And all the flowers have gingivitis
And the birds fly happily
We're together once again my love

I need you back, oh baby baby
I can't explain just why we lost it from the start
Living without you girl, you'll only break my heart...

I can feel it I can hold it I can rub it I can shape it
I can mold it I can cut it I can taste it I can spank it
Beat it Masterbate it

I been looking for days now
Always hearing the same ol'
City boy won't you spank thru?
I can make you do things you won't think you ever could

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03. Januar, 20:31 Uhr
von Ben

guuut :)

04. Oktober, 22:54 Uhr
von kurt


12. Juli, 23:10 Uhr
von mir

hast recht :yes

22. Mai, 00:12 Uhr
von yes


03. Januar, 21:56 Uhr
von ickö da hans

einfach mal nur geil :yes