The Burning Pits of the Duat
Die Rache Krieg Lied der Assyriche
Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor ...
Permitting The Noble Dead To Descent To The Underworld
Barra Edinazzu
Von unaussprechlichen Kulten
Masturbating the War God
Cast Down the Heretic
Black Seeds of Vengeance
Unas Slayer of the Gods
Execreation Test
Lashed to the Slave Stick
Ramses Bringer of War
Nas Ankhu Khan She En Asbiu
Sacrifice Unto Sebek
In Their Darkened Shrines
Smashing the Antiu
Stones of Sorrow
Even the Gods Must Die
The Black Flame
Der Rache Kreig Leid Der Assyriche
The Blessed Dead
Defiling the Gates of Ishtar
Khetti Satha Shemsu
Annihilation of the Wicked
Beneath Eternal Oceans of Sand
Kheftiu Asar Butchiu
What Can Be Safely Written
Opening of the Mouth
To Dream of Ur
Wind of Horus
Serpent Headed Mask
Eat of the Dead
Chapter for Transforming Into a Snake
Pestilence and Iniquity
Black Hand Of Set
Multitude of Foes
Howling Of The Jinn
The Howling of the Jinn
Iskander D'hul Karnon
Divine Intent
Those Whom the Gods Detest
Whisper In The Ear Of The Dead
As He Creates So He Destroys
Churning the Maelstrom
SSS Haa Set Yoth
Dusk Falls Upon The Temple Of The Serpent On The Mount Of ..
4th Arra of Dagon
The Eye of Ra
Chapter Of Obeisance Before Giving Breath To The Inert One..
The Language of the Shadows
The Essential Salts
Laying Fire Upon Apep
Hittite Dung Incantation
Utterances of the Crawling Dead
Yezd Desert Ghul Ritual in the Abandoned Towers of Silence
Immortality Through Art / Godless
Kem Khefa Kheshef
The Black Hand of Set
Spawn of Uamenti
Enduring the Eternal Molestation of Flame
The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased
The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh
When My Wrath Is Done
The Gods Who Light Up the Sky at the Gate of Sethu
Natural Liberation of Fear Through the Ritual Deception of Death
Tribunal of the Dead
Supreme Humanism of Megalomania
The Chaining of the Iniquitous
Call To Detruction
Negating The Abominable Coils Of Apep
Liber Stellae Rubeae
In The Name Of Amun
What Should Not Be Unearthed
Evil To Cast Out Evil
Age Of Famine
Rape Of The Black Earth
To Walk Forth From Flames Unscathed