Get your headright Lyrics

Grab your girl, lift her up
Shake your ass and fill my cup
All the way down, all over the place
A new way to fall on your face

Do the headright baby

Lift a leg, twist out of you
She'll follow your lead
And get up to my speed
Dance to sounds of the living dead
Get up, spin around, fall back to the ground

Do the headright baby

No time to think, pass me a drink
One for the road and three on the way home
Do my dance, fuck romance
I'm not made of rubber, man
I'm taking my chance
Roll the dice, it feels nice
If she starts screaming, I'm doing it twice
You head for the door, you're making me sore
Gimme so more, one two three four

Do the headright baby

Listen to me, see for yourself
I'm getting my headright
I'm moving in stealth
Dancing with your girl, I'm out at the bar
She's buying the drinks, I'm driving your car

Do the headright baby
Get your headright baby
Do the headright baby
Get your headright baby

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