Storyline Lyrics

Don't fall to pieces babe
On this only stage
You're a character
Turned runaway
Don't fall to pieces babe
You know we're all the same
We want our problems solved
It's why we get involved

But I notice every time
I'm the fool you run to
When the latest of the line
Aint what it's cracked up to be

And I know what you're going to say
I know your storyline, storyline
Girl meets boy then she runs away
Across a borderline, borderline
And I know the roll you want me to play
I'm the fool you run to
Cause every time you fall to pieces babe
It's the same old storyline
The same old line

Your expectations babe
Are far too great
Aint a man know who can bare the load
And every tragedy merely punctuates
Your happiness so I anticipate

I know, story, used to love your stories,
Oh not now
Tell me stories.
But now, no not now

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