Riding Home Lyrics

Yo, yes problems solved aka Mattafix.
Wait, the same little boy with the cassette tape?
The big foot jeans, awaiting at the school gate
Late night thoughts, he's tearing up the paper
And here's the sound bite ten years later
He took the yard to the city an he mixed it
Mattafixed it, now he's on some sick shhh
So keep the money and the cars and the deals
I'm riding home on the same two wheels

Riding home, riding home, gimme the tune

Wait the same little boy
They used to underestimate?
Made a great escape with only practice
And attic and a mattress
This same man is trying to hatch this game plan
And catch a vibe make it world wide
Spirals of idols and rivals labelled as a dreamer
Stroll as the world rolls by you in a beamer
Now empathise if you know how it feels
Riding home on the same two wheels
I made my best friends
From the West Indies to the West End
In every corner in every section
Perfection, long lasing connection
The little boy with the clear skin complexion
Afternoons and I'm scrubbing old sneakers
In time to the vibes from my makeshift speakers
An assortment laments from my walkman
I'm still trying to walk good though
I'm slightly awkward

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