Didn't I Lyrics

So long the war is getting colder
I feel like this beat up soldier
So wrong
Running from the fight
Now I wish I'd never told her
It must have hurt some dropping that bombs
But I guess what's done is done now
And as we both get older
Wonder will these wounds heal over
Ohhh didn't I love you baby?
Ohhh will I ever get the chance again?

If you're worth fighting for
Why didn't I go to war?
If you're all I'm searching for
Why didn't I love you more?

What was I thinking of
I should have treated you better
If I din't mess around
Would we still be together?
Cause you're something girl
Oh yes you are
Yes you are, yes you are

So strong moving on finally
Trying to put this thing behind me
With every step I end up back three
Can't break these walls around me
And though I'm almost free
Those demons are always with me
I can't escape now even if I want to
Aint no place where I can run to

Ohhh didn't I love you baby?
Ohhh will I ever get the chance again?

Didn't I
Lose it all for a little lie
Me confused girl caught in a de middle I
Would a fight any bad man for you girl
Trad lands for you
But yet me can't fight my roaming eye
Well I was wrong to behave like a youngster
Leave me but believe me it's naivety I'm no monster
Didn't I
Say we were in our crime
But it wasn't our time Girl
You can't say we didn't try

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