10 Million Lyrics

Like de whole world ah cry
Trouble can't ease me get no piece a mind
Can't please everybody at the same time
Me try fi breath but me only ever sigh
Like de whole world ah cry

Ten million lives
One lost in time I'm barely breathing
They pass me by
Won't catch my eye
For ten million reasons

And I
Never wanna let you down
So I go unnoticed
Are you going to leave me here?

Ten million different ways
To see a man erased, erased

One giant ride
Me trapped inside while everyones moving
Changing headlines, the passing of time
To me it's all the same thing

And I
I never seem to get close
Though I'm making progress
I can't believe you left me here

You, you took something from me
And now I'm just an outcast alone on the street
I'm where I can't be seen
Here as an outcast with no place to be

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