This Paradise Lyrics

I could take your breathe away,
I could make this feel so right
out of the blackest shadows into your burninig light
your touch would enthrall my heart,
my touch could release your soul
lying warm and dark in your arms,
come close to me now and take controll
riding through endless nights,
bury the nameless dead
the stars will rain down in the night
cast out of heaven by jealous angels of death
together we´ll rule our world
together we´ll rule theirs too
lightning and thunder
collide at the edge of the world for me and you
In this Paradise
you ´ll find just what your looking for,
beauty right before you eyes,
how could you ask for more
Here behind these eyes, here inside my soul
hear the screams of a crucifixion ring through the dark,
ring through the cold
reach up and pull me down into your hallowed ground
I´ll lead you into temtation,
buried in passion I´ll lead you down...

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