Quiet Not Crazy Lyrics

In the back of the woods
In the back of the car
Where the tire then burst
And broke my mouth

In the dark of the night
In the pouring rain
Where the rules got changed
I've said too much

In the back of my mind
In the cold, cold rain
Where I scream so loud
But don't say anything

And I stand my ground in the firing line
While I tell myself that I'm doing fine

And I know you think that I'm losing it
But I'm just quiet,
I'm not crazy

I swear

What a way to express
What's on my head
What a way to tell you
It's all been said

What a way to redeem

What a way to react
What a way to excape
From my stone mouth

Come what may storm or avalanche
Gonna stand my ground given half a chance

And I know you say that I'm loosing it
But I'm just quiet
I'm not crazy

Call it mad
Call it blasphemy
Call me quiet going on crazy
But I'm just quiet
I'm not crazy

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