Perfect Dream Lyrics

You can't escape from falling in
Cause falling in comes naturally
Like the water to the sea
We're all slaves to gravity

You can't walk before you crawl
But you sure can think before you talk and
You grow up and review the facts
And when you come back you'll see my story's straight

My daddy had a way with words
The best I ever heard
They take me back to my roots
Still I hear him calling

Wide eyes open keep your
Bright eyes open
Let's go back to the start
Back to the heart of it

Wide eyes open keep those
Bright eyes open
And go back to the start
We're all just a part of
The perfect dream

You cannot stop from growing up
Then burning out eventually
Cause it always ends the same
You get sucked in by the flame

You can't float a sinking ship
But you sure can learn to live with it boy
What ever way you look at it
It's not the size of your ship
It's the way you sail it

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