In Circles Lyrics

Before you cut me off
Before you shut me down
Before you say "enough"
Before I shuffle off

Before I get back up
And brush myself right off
You take me by the scruff
And tell me to go thoughen up

I think I got my heart
Caught between the sheets
Stuck behind the veil of angels

From a desire
We built us this fire
And wrapped it around
And around us so warm

I'll tell you a secret
If you promise you'll keep it
We're running in circles
In circles I swear

You walked me down the track
You led me through the dark
You said you had my back
Right before you shuffled off

I think I lost my heart
The night I lost my sould
The night that I confide in strangers

We're running in circles
With angels

Wait, what was that you said
I thought I heard you nervously
Wanting it forever and ever this way

Straight into my arm
Feed me intravenously
Could it be forever
And ever
And ever
Always this way

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