VYP: Voice of the Young People
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Disc 1
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 Intro
2 Lip Gloss Lip Gloss
3 One Hit Wonder
4 Get Loose Request
5 Shawty Get Loose (feat. Chris Brown & T-Pain)
6 What It Is (Strike a Pose) (feat. T-Pain)
7 G-Slide (Tour Bus) G-Slide (Tour Bus)
8 Gotta Go Deeper (skit)
9 Stand Up
10 L.I.F.E. L.I.F.E.
11 College (feat. Yirayah)
12 Emotional Rollercoasters (skit)
13 Broken Pieces
14 Swim
15 Truly in Love (feat. Peter Toh)
16 Look at My Life (skit)
17 Make It Hot
18 Pick It Up
19 On Fire On Fire
20 Girlfriend (Dr. Luke remix) (feat. Lil Mama)

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