oh baby Lyrics

Oh, baby
Oh, baby
You're having a bad dreamHere in my arms

Oh. sugar
You came to me
Could all be a bad thing
Doing harm
Oh oh oh

Oh. lover
You run from me
We move like a bad scene
Shot in the dark

Oh, but please
Please wake me
For my love lies patiently
Please baby, please
And my love life waits for me

Oh, love
You came to me
Are you having a bad time?
There in your home

Oh, sugar
Give into me
You're just having a bad dream
Of ringing alarms

Oh, but please
Please shake me from my lovesick patient dream
Please baby, please
And my love plays wait and see

Oh, I'm on my knees
Yeah, I'm on my knees
I promise I'm clean
But my love life waits

You're already gone
Yeah, you're already gone
We are already home
My love life stumbles on

Oh, baby
Lean into me
There's always a side door
Into the dark
Into the dark


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