Midsummer Night Lyrics

Growing up with the wild bears
Breathing the smell of burning wood
Rain and clouds my only friends
Sun and moon and stars and light

Now it's time of a midnight sun
The eternal light and a breathing night
Call the gods with bones and drum
Join the shaman's magic

- Chorus 1 -

Flames are dancing in the night
The shadows seem to be alive
The forest is calling my name
(Midsummer night)

- Chorus 2 -

Flames are fading in the dawn
The spirits are back to their world
I've seen the future and it's good.
(Midsummer night)

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04. Mai, 16:38 Uhr
von Kerl Fieser

verdammt arschgeiles lied...mein lieblingslied von korpiklaani. boah das basssolo am anfang haut so rein. ich liebe es.

03. Mai, 23:16 Uhr
von metal mädel^^

salon korven klaanin...salon korpiklaani!!! i love this song!! :love

29. Dezember, 00:02 Uhr
von xcf