Love Don't Love Me Lyrics

5 foot 9
She's got legs for days
(For days)
Green eyes that cut like a knife
And her own little sexy sway
No, she don't waste no time
Moving to the floor
(To the floor)
And when she starts to move she had me
Calling your mama saying you wanna go home

Baby, tell me
Why can't I have you
Why you running girl
I just wanted to love you

I love you
Baby, I love you
I love you
Baby, I love you
But I guess you don't have time for me
I want you
Baby, I want you
I want you
Baby, I want you
But I guess love don't love me, no

It's ok to be scared
Cause this girl is super bad
She will probably be
The best thing that you never had

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21. Februar, 18:02 Uhr
von LaChica

Des Lied is so heiß... genau wie sein Daddy^^

Hammer Lied, macht voll spaß anzuhörn... Fazit: HOT!! ;)


03. Februar, 12:33 Uhr
von PEACH ******

ich sag da ma nua zu ohhh yeahhh hamma man ( das is nua s*x* ) I LOVE YOU , BABY I LOVE YOU :yes

22. August, 21:31 Uhr
von Mandy

Ich liebe sowieso diesen Typen!! Jedes Lied von dem ist geil!!

15. August, 20:20 Uhr
von hardrockwomen

geil, geil, geil
dieser song ist der hammer leute!!
hört ihn euch an