Never Walk Away Lyrics

So young in love
They couldn't wait
Said their vows
Just to run away
Suddenly, they felt their lives had changed

They believed their hearts
Were strong
Just to find
They couldn't get along
They didn't care
It slowly (falls or comes) undone


Will she go or will she stay (will she stay)
Pull herself (through or for) one more day
Don't give up
Never walk away
Love's a promise that he made
In his heart it still remains
Don't give up
Never walk away

Had to meet somewhere half way
Heart to heart
Face to face
Compromise the price they had to pay
Cared enough to stand on ground
Screamed and shouted 'til the walls came down
Won the fight
Still a brand new day

[Chorus 2x]

Never walk away
Oh, oh (never walk away)
Never walk away

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