We've Got Tonight
Solitairy Rose
Amazing Grace
No More Tears
The Infant Light
Bad Girls Club
It's Over Now
How It's Got to Be
Run With Me
Hold the Line
Go Back
Rock My Life
Undress to the Beat
Endless Love
No Eternity
Right Now
Silent Night
Sex Me Up
Ich Hab Dich Immer Noch Lieb
Tellin' You Goodbye
Sunny Day
Will You Be There
Christmas Time
Forever and Ever
Material Boy (Don't Look Back)
So Deep Inside
Burning Alive
Porque Te Vas
Oh Shit, I Love You
Bad Girl
7 Nights - 7 Days
Be in Heaven
Naked Truth
Go Back
Porque Te Vas
I'm Alive
No Rules
Frozen Sun
She's the Winner
All New
I Won't Think Twice
It's Not O.K. (The Poor Little Thing)
Time Is on My Side
Teach Me How Say Goodbye
Mr. Santa Clause
Enjoy (Me)
Flight Tonight
Please Stay
Make Love
Mr. Big
Chasing a Thrill
Win Your Love
Kick Up the Fire
Shine On
All Mine
No Style
Don't Treat Me Badly
As Long as We're Young
L.A. (City of Angels)
Can't Let You Go
Call Me Jeany
Let's Party Tonight
You Call Me on the Phone
Rockin' on Heaven's Floor
My Guy
You're Nothing Better
Get Freaky
Heaven Can't Lie
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Tellin' You Goodbye
Love From Start to Finish
Deep in My Heart
Winter Ferryland
We Are the Living
Freak Out
Tak'n Your Heart
It's Alright
May Day
Heatwave in July
Hearts Burning Down
I Feel Love
To Fall in Love
True Blue Heroes
Tell Me
No Love
Take Care
Follow the Star
This Love
Wild at That
More Than a Feeling
Can't Wait
We've Got Tonight (feat. Ronan Keating)
Heat of the Summer
In or Out
O Come All Ye Faithful
Ave Maria
O Holy Night