Black Devil Car Lyrics

I´ve got a lot of juice
i need to put to use
let´s burn this highway down
i´m going from Z to G
when it should be A to B
nose so low, it just scrapes the ground
can´t you see i´m overtaking
all the while i´m salivating
won´t you let me
push a little thrust up you

she loves

Riding around
in my black devil car
i can´t hear a sound
because her foot´s pushing down to hard
and white angels cry
for her black devil heart
she wants me to stop
she shoud never let me start (2x)

talking to all those pretty girls
that i meet around the world
her nema was gina
yopu should have seen her
and with those endless thigs
i´ve put my hands through
some misdemeanors
can´t you see me
i´m not choosy
you drive al black machine
and i think you´re groovy
won´t ya let me
take a little ride with you


she´s just a love machine (4x)
oooh riding around
in my black devil car
you know i can´t hear a sound
in my black devil car. yeah

Babe you know

You got so tight machine
now let me drive your dream
until your tank is dry
i´m shooting from the hip
not running out of clips
flames of love and licking high
you know she´ll always be
a hot freewheeling honey bee
won´t ya let me
push a little thrust up you
that´s what i wanna do


Strapped down, wrapped around. breaking up the speed limits
red lights, crazy nights. hope she´s comming back with it
super charged devil queen. stepping in my love machine
twisted my metal on the highway of desire
she´s easy ridin´ super flyin´. 95 it´s still green
high heels, shiny wheels, lokking for a tight squeeze
rocket fuel and jet juice. now she´s getting real loose
can´t stop. black heart, she should never let me start

she´s just a love machine (2x)

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26. November, 13:31 Uhr
von Zero

Dieser Song ist meiner Meinung nach einer der allerbesten von Jamiroquai.
Meine persönliche Nummer eins. :yes