Liberation Lyrics

I know what it takes to break you.
You know I never sleep!
Just because you made them think,
Doesn't mean the World will fall into Place.
Took some time but now you know,
tomorrow is too late.


Close your Eyes,
Walk with me,
I set you free,
And everything you ask for.


I found the Way,
And I'll return here soon.
I have to see those who do not know.
Rest in Peace,
I'm coming for you,
And I will be,
I will be with you Tonight!

If Today was your last Day,
Would that change a Thing?
You probably believe what you told them,
Live each moment like your last!




(Refrain) (x2)

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29. Oktober, 00:27 Uhr
von failwalking

This song is beautiful.

10. Mai, 19:51 Uhr
von ena

i love this song... reminds me of summer :)

27. November, 23:46 Uhr
von Dwell

In Flames we Trust!