Last Thoughts of Timmy Lyrics

The hell has arrived,
all angels away,
it's time to give up
it's time to say
"I'm gonna shoot down
all my friends,
shoot down all my dreams"
They will never
understand what that this
firearm here means

It's all for my girl,
It's all for this time
I'm sure all the people
arround me don't feel fine

Thank you mom,
thank you dad
I see your face,
but it is so sad...

This school is my hell,
this hell is my life
Go down on your knees,
don't try to surrive

I FUCK your excuse
I FUCK all your tears
All teachers will die
Please enjoy all your fears
It's all for my rage,
it's all for my fame
I can not forgive,
this is my videogame

Thank you dad,
thank you mom

Adios and goodby,
'cause my heart is gone...

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