Unleash Enlightment Lyrics

Once risen from dark centuries
With inflamed hearts and noble minds
Drive by a vision of a glowing world

And lighted nations in freedom
Now blinded, chained amd strangled,
Thrown into a dungeon of corruption
Our fathers wisdom lies
Mercenaries in a war against ourselves

Petitioning dastardly idols
And following a godless saviour
We let them come to power
Unless we unleash enlightment!
An ancient dogma builds new kingdoms
Unless we unleash enlightment!
Puppets of consumption unlearned creating
A mendacious wealth secured by silent slaves

Inane parents, mislead children raised to soldiers
Mercenaries in a war against ourselves
A waste of precious blood and dignity

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13. November, 23:06 Uhr
von Tzar Bomba

Meine Fresse ist der Song geil!